2015 Doberman Pinscher Calendars

Dobermann 2015 Wall Calendar

Dobermann 2015 Wall CalendarThis 2015 wall calendar features a dozen images of beautiful Doberman Pinschers. The perfect gift for anyone who loves these wonderful dogs!

Dobermans (Intl) 2015 Wall Calendar

Dobermans (Intl) 2015 Wall CalendarPowerful yet graceful, Doberman Pinschers are loyal, quick-thinking dogs. Dobies' ability to respond confidently to danger makes them reliable and protective guardians. Celebrate this fine breed with this beautiful Dobermans wall calendar. This international version calendar includes only dogs with

Dobermans 2015 Wall Calendar

Dobermans 2015 Wall CalendarStrong and faithful, a Doberman Pinscher is a devoted companion. This very intelligent and self-confident dog was originally bred in Germany by Louis Doberman, a tax collector who, not surprisingly, desired a brave guardian to accompany him in his travels through hostile neighborhoods. The elegant D