Pearls Anatolian Shepherds, Anatolian Shepherd Dog Breeder

Pearls Anatolian Shepherds

Missouri 65606
(417) 778-7762
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Pearls Anatolian Shepherds breeds Working AKC registered Anatolian Shepherds, we have a health guarantee on all our puppies, we are able to ship/deliver a puppy to you. We give each puppy and its parents a great deal of care to ensure that all our puppies and breeding stock is in the best possible health. We also offer a low risk Stud Dog Service for 1st pick of the litter. While your dog is here she will stay with our stud, in a 2.000 sqr foot yard I call the stud yard, she will be fed twice a day and will be supplied with fresh water. We go to great lengths to see that each transaction goes as smoothly as possible. Please visit our website for more information. Also feel free to call or E-mail about our dogs.

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3) Anything to do with Africa especially Nigeria and Cameroon.
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