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Ugly Mugs Pugs
Diana Boni

25873 246th St.
South Dakota 57562
(605) 669-3366
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Pug breeder in South Dakota
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Additional Information

Pugs aren't for everyone. No, only those who appreciate inner beauty and lots of snorting will ever understand the joy of being owned by a pug. Pug people choose their furniture to coordinate with dog hair. Pug people understand that 'dog obedience' is an oxymoron. Pug people believe that running is something to do only when we are being chased. Pug people know that there is no reason to wait until one is asleep to start snoring. Are you a pug person?

We raise our AKC puppies with patience, consistency, and a great deal of love. You won't find a puppy here who is afraid to be picked up or is frightened of loud noises, children, or vacuum cleaners! Only with daily handling and lots of variety in their play can puglets develop into the most intelligent, intuitive, and confident pugs possible. All puppies are sold with our three year genetic health guarantee. Shipping is available throughout the US and Canada. Visit our website at or call us at 605-669-3366 to learn more.

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