Jaclyns Classical Collies, Collie Breeder

Jaclyns Classical Collies
Jackie Francesconi

9014 Seemann Road
Illinois 60180
(847) 669-3046
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Collie breeder in Illinois
Collie breeder in IllinoisCollie breeder in UnionCollie breeder in Union, IllinoisCollie breedering kennel in UnionAnother picture

Additional Information

We Breed & show collies. We breed first for the health of the collie second for the show ring. Most for our dogs are normal eyed & some are non carriers. The temperament on our dogs are great. They are raised in our home in a farm setting. They learn to get along with other dogs, cats, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, & other misc. fowl. We do therapy work with our dogs. We breed for all colors. If you are looking for a pet or show dog we can fill your dream.

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