Bayside Bulldogs, English Bulldog Breeder

Bayside Bulldogs
Lori Mattis

Chesapeake Dr
Virginia 23066
(804) 725-3854
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English Bulldog breeder in Virginia
English Bulldog breeder in VirginiaEnglish Bulldog breeder in Gwynn

Additional Information

I am a small breeder with two or three litters per year. All my puppies have champion pedigrees and are bred for show quality as the ultimate goal with temperament and personality to boot. My dogs all live with me INSIDE, not in crates or kennels, but underfoot, as it should be. My puppies will be well socialized at the very important age of four weeks. They will have their first shots, worming and be microchipped before they go to your home. My puppies are placed in approved homes only. email me and I will send you a puppy application.

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