Tim Whitmore, Basset Hound Stud

Tim Whitmore

250 Raft Island Dr.
Gig Harbor
Washington 98335
(253) 265-1710
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Basset Hound stud in Washington
Basset Hound stud in WashingtonBasset Hound stud in Gig HarborBasset Hound stud in Gig Harbor, WashingtonBasset Hound in Gig HarborAnother picture

Additional Information

Colonel Fidelis Towser, a.k.a. Towser or just Boy for short is a red bassett with white markings on feet, chest, nose, forehead and tip of tail. He has a friendly disposition and loves to please. He is wonderful with our children and protects them by blocking their movements towards natural hazards like deck stairs, streets, boat docks, etc. He is playful and has been quick to learn in training. He sits, stays, heels, fetches, ranges and will occasionally jump or stand on his hind feet. He has excellent hunting instincts which have been nearly spontaneous that I have been able to develop. He signals the presence of racoons and rabbits. He is especially good at locating small animals that burrow underground. He works well as a hunting dog for racoons and knows how to corner or tree them, and how to position himself so that I can get a clear shot at them without him being in the way. With his keen ears and powerful sense of smell he has also been a terrific guard dog. He is an amazing all-around dog. He has show qualities. He has a wonderful temperament. He has been highly adaptive to changes in his environment and has been readily trainable. He is a loveable dog. He is everything you would want in a bassett. Towser is purebred and pedigreed and is registered with the ACA as #AR-ABA-1078185-005. He was bred in Ozark Arkansas and comes from a long line of champions.

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