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Aaron Nance

Tennessee 37814
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American Pit Bull Terrier rescue in Tennessee
American Pit Bull Terrier rescue in TennesseeAmerican Pit Bull Terrier rescue in MorristownAPBT rescue in Morristown, Tennessee

Additional Information

Copper is estimated to be 27 weeks young. This stray puppy is a PitMix, true breed unknown. He showed up in our neighborhood on New Year’s Eve. Copper is red with a touch of white on his chest. Copper is a happy and playful puppy who is crate trained, potty trained, and a graduate of puppy kindergarten. Copper is loving and affectionate. He does jump at greetings but is improving, as we are enforcing the four paw rule. (no attention unless all four paws are on the ground). Copper loves to lick men in the face, especially if they have facial hair. He is very submissive and has a good history of playing well with other dogs. Copper is very alert and attentive. (You may trip over him in the kitchen) Copper learns well and is learning to walk on a loose leash. He is very strong but will roll on his back when approached and loves his belly rubbed. He's very fast, agile, and loves to run. He runs well on a leash. He does have a habit of trying to eat anything on the ground. Copper is full of personality and would make a great agility dog! A big bonus is that Copper does not chew on furniture or household goods! He can be happily occupied with a kong, tennis ball or a variety of toys.
Copper is up to date on all his shots and was neutered at 16 weeks. Copper will not be adopted to families with children under the age of 5 or homes with cats, as he has not been fully socialized with small children or cats. We have taken much time to train and socialize Copper. I have a socialization list, medical records, and Puppy Kindergarten graduation certification I can provide to you. An application and adoption contract is required.

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