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Phenix City
Alabama 36869
(706) 681 5822
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Doberman Pinscher breeder in Alabama
Doberman Pinscher breeder in AlabamaDoberman Pinscher breeder in Phenix CityDoberman Pinscher breeder in Phenix City, AlabamaDoberman Pinscher breedering kennel in Phenix CityAnother picture

Additional Information

We raise AKC registered Doberman Pinschers. All 5 colors. EKG tested,Thyroid tested,vWD,tested,DCM tested,DM tested. Eyes good,hearing good. Coat color tested. Some DNA tested. All the Registered Whites are Coat color tested, and are not Albino according to U of Davis.Calif. All our Creams are involved in the study with University of Saskatchewan. We raise the Rare Melanistics (solid Black, & Blue) All our dogs are in house raised. They live in the house with us. All puppies are born in the house and house raised in there puppy room. When 4 weeks old dog door is opened and there allowed access to the 8x8 puppy playroom and front deck. At 5 weeks there allowed to go in the front yard. Pups are around other dogs and children. Lots of love. At 3 weeks there started on puppy gruel and dry is provided for them to start nibbling. At 4 weeks they get home-cooked. There raised on Holistic food and home cooked.They get Raw Venison and Chicken as well. Venison is the main meat. There started on Nu-Vet vitamins at 3 weeks. Worming starts at 3 weeks and done weekly. Shots start at 6 weeks. We breed for gentle & loving dogs. Many of our pups go for Therapy dogs or to people with disabilities. Some for protection and Police officers dogs. For more info feel free to call. We do rescue as well and occasionally have rescue dogs to place. Our males also Stand at stud for Quality females that have had the appropriate testing needed for the Doberman breed. We have European and American. Non white factor and white factor.

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