Clems Mini Australian Shepherds, Miniature Australian Shepherd Breeder

Clems Mini Australian Shepherds

Washington 98272
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Miniature Australian Shepherd breeder in Washington
Miniature Australian Shepherd breeder in WashingtonMiniature Australian Shepherd breeder in Monroe

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Home raised Miniature Australian Shepherds. Located in Monroe, WA. We currently have no puppies available. Great family dogs.
Australian Shepherds are very smart, hard working, full of character, yet each is so unique in its' own personality and appearance. Other’ve seen one you’ve seen them all – not so with “Aussies”.

Aussies are loyal to their owners and seem to look and understand you – very intentional, easy to train (with classes if you’re new to dog’s) and fit well in a "smart" home.

Your pup will be a convenient size, not taking up too much space and fits in well for road-trips – yet like any dog they need regular exercise.

Our pups are well adjusted and are drawn to people (compared to a pack dog sticking to it's other dogs). Our kids play with them daily and they will be ready for the final stages of house-breaking.

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