Alsea'Oorang Airedales & Solgaard Farms, Airedale Terrier Stud

Alsea'Oorang Airedales & Solgaard Farms
Karen Swanson

Oregon 97394
(541) 563 3006
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Airedale Terrier stud in Oregon
Airedale Terrier stud in OregonAiredale Terrier stud in WaldportAiredale Terrier stud in Waldport, OregonAiredale Terrier in WaldportAnother picture

Additional Information

---" PJ.Gantry " AKC Oorang Airedale---Old Working Bloodlines: Quachita, Mooreland, Cabin Hill, Woodriver...Ranch Raised with animals and Holistically Maintained with extraordinarily healthy organic ranch foods & herbal supplements. "Gantry" was one year old (1/02/11) & weighed 100lbs of hard muscle on his birthday. He stood then 26" at the shoulders & is still growing. He has a wide stance-front & back with a flat top-line. He is very balanced & athletic. He is everything one looks for in a perfect body. Gantry has a friendly, kind, fun disposition & is one who enjoys fine things - his own mountains of pillows. Gantry is loyal, social & kind to all farm animals & people. Produces all-around healthy offspring with approved females.
Give us a call for more information & visit our farm to see our quality working Oorang Airedales.(541)563 3006

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