Six Gems, Chinese Crested Breeder

Six Gems
Kathleen Sullivan

Royal Oak Drive
Pennsylvania 16002
(724) 586-2347
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Chinese Crested breeder in Pennsylvania
Chinese Crested breeder in PennsylvaniaChinese Crested breeder in ButlerChinese Crested breeder in Butler, PennsylvaniaChinese Crested breedering kennel in ButlerAnother picture

Additional Information

We are proud exhibitors and breeders of the chinese crested dog. Cresteds make lovely companions and pets along with wonderful agility and show dogs. They are a wonderful breed for the active family but also several would suit an older person with a quiet life style. All pets will be sold on limited AKC registration/spay or neuter. All our dogs have been Optigen and PLL tested for eye disorders. We will only breed dogs that are healthy and sound!! Our pets are also from the same lines our show dogs are from. If you are interested in a quality dog to show or have as a pet, get in touch. We also ship, weather permitting.

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