Brazos River Basset Hounds, Basset Hound Breeder

Brazos River Basset Hounds

1135 Meixner
Texas 76705
(254) 366-6186
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Basset Hound breeder in Texas
Basset Hound breeder in TexasBasset Hound breeder in WacoBasset Hound breeder in Waco, Texas

Additional Information

We would like to give other people the joy of having a basset hound as a family pet, companion , or best friend! here at Brazos River Basset Hounds we are not some kind of fancy dog breeders these dogs are our family pets and get down and dirty on our 5 acre piece of land out in the country! we also have chickens and goats and cats and i have three kids 8,6 and a 2 yr. old and these dogs and pups are handled daily by my kids and put up with all the pulls, prods and pokes!!!!! Please feel free to email ,call or text and I will return any questions asap! Thanks

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