T/a Kennels, Pomeranian Breeder

T/a Kennels

2469 Mt. Pleasant Rd
Willow Spring
North Carolina 27592
(919) 795-9122
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Pomeranian breeder in North Carolina
Pomeranian breeder in North CarolinaPomeranian breeder in Willow SpringPomeranian breeder in Willow Spring, North CarolinaPomeranian breedering kennel in Willow SpringAnother picture

Additional Information

We have been a Pomeranian Breeder for 25 years. Most of our dogs have champion bloodlines, and all of them are AKC and CKC registered. All the dogs that we breed are housed indoors, receive regular veterinary care, and are fed a quality professional diet. We raise all our puppies in a family and home environment, where we Homeschool our children. They play at our feet and in our laps!!!! Our puppies love children and our rescue cats! Our Pomeranian Puppies are loved and socialized as individuals, which reduces stress when they go to their new "forever" homes.

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