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Boston Terrier breeder in Texas
Boston Terrier breeder in TexasBoston Terrier breeder in RichmondBoston Terrier breeder in Richmond, Texas

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Our Southern Belle and Her Groom had their 1st litter of beautiful Boston Terrier puppies early Saturday Morning 11/12/11. We have a Mixed litter with 4 females and 2 males.

Let me first introduce myself to you, My name is Kim and My sons name is Gabe, although his is only 3.5 he is a big help and my puppy partner :) I am a retired vet tech, I work currently within the home as a trainer and am also a BSRN student , we are not the normal breeder you would come to find at a kennel , we are not breeder's per say.. People within the area know me as " The Boston Terrier Lady." We only raise Bostons we fell in love with the breed after doing foster work and taking in a (cast out that was to be put down by CAP). I have 6 to date not including the pups. I have 1 rescue and , 3 females and 2 males. Our dogs are an extension of our family and we like to ensure that all our puppies are not only Happy and Healthy but Child Friendly my son has bitten some of our older dogs, pulled the tails, taken their food any thing and everything imaginable a toddler could do when he was younger.. Since he has come to LOVE Puppies like his momma.

After assisting a friend in finding a QUALITY Boston not from a commercial kennel or puppy mill and almost giving up she begged me to breed my Male Jolly that was from a CH AKC blood line with our first female Marley APRI pure breed, the vet at Foster Creek- Dr. Mike whom now I know on a personal level and have become great friend's with had also told me with the genetics and the markings that I should think about breeding the puppies since I truly LOVE all of them!! All proceeds from THIS Litter go towards fundraising for the remainder of my BSRN program this Spring :) Okay enough about us more about what you came for the pups.

All pups will be on Small Size frame as female bride is 14.5 wet and Male is stalky like a Bull dog very wide and lean short snouts per breed standard he is 18.6 lbs wet. Puppies and all Bostons are under the care of Dr. Michael Moore DVM -Foster Creek Vet on FM. 359 Richmond, TX Puppies diet will consist of FROMM Food Chicken Ala Veg we have found it to be very good for them !! Puppies will come with tails docked, dew claws removed , 2 de wormings, APRI Pedigree (Family Tree) and APRI Registration Papers, All Vet Records to continue care and 1st set of puppy shots and clean bill of health. If you choose you can join us for their puppy well visits and ask any questions that you may have . Lots of Love and Affection and Spoiled Rotten,

We Try to House Train Puppies however per our vet he says that at approx 6 weeks they should go with their new owners " as long as they are weaned from mommy in good health and weight and healthy." He says " it allows puppies to get acclimated to other household pets and children also teaches them potty training as all home are different , we leave dogs out while home and Kennel when gone but all sleep with us or my partner Gabe. We may not be the cheapest but we Pride ourselves on Quality Puppies and pre screen all prospective buyers and like educating them on the breed and building a lasting friendship. You know when you get a Boston from us that your going to love it for life.

I usually take a deposit of $50 Non Refundable TO HOLD YOUR PUPPY AND KEEP IT FROM BEING PURCHASED the deposit is Non Refundable if you back out on purchasing puppy , its (FULLY REFUNDABLE, if pet is not in good health to go home ,or if I should determine that for some reason I don't think the puppy will be a good fit for the home.) I do usually do reference checks in regards to Apartment Pet Policies as we don't want any of our puppies to end up in a shelter we've learned this off of past experience where we adopted a broken hearted pup back due to a leasee not paying pet fee and facing eviction or relinquishing pup.:(

We encourage weekly visits to see your puppy grow or if you live far away I will provide you with weekly updated pix via email or text msg so you can still see the joy's of watching your baby blossom. I can hold puppies as Christmas presents and provide you with additional days to surprise your children an a extra cost of 10$ per day which goes towards continued milk replacer powdered and Fromm Chicken Ala veg food .

Thanks Again and if interested as these pups usually always Pre Sell in 5-11 days from local area residents and clients at the clinic I use, Contact me via Text or Phone to set up a play date and take your pick of the litter!!

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