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Kim J

Alabama 35173
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Great Dane stud in Alabama
Great Dane stud in AlabamaGreat Dane stud in TrussvilleGreat Dane stud in Trussville, AlabamaGreat Dane in TrussvilleAnother picture

Additional Information

AKC Imported from Russia Harlequin Male stud. He is a proven stud of 3 litters and is definitely throwing his size. Polo is 4+ Generations color pure with over 20 champions within his 4 generation pedigree. His Sire is Grand Champion Of Russia Dakaniro Evgur Vivat Centurion, Dam is Jr. Russian Champion Gloria Henrietta Dakaniro. Other champions in his pedigree include Inter Champion, Grand Champion, Champion of Russia SARGOS CENTURION MARK AVRELIY, Grand Champion, Champion of Russia OLDBLUZ VIVAT VICTORIA, Grand Champion of Russia OLDBLUZ JENI, Inter Champion, Grand Champion, Champion of Russia TABARKA DE LA BENJAMINE, Champion Italy LIBERTIN DE LA BENJAMINE, Grand Champion, Champion of RussiaSAMBUCCA DES HABITS ROUGESand many more.

Polo is available for stud to select females. We will accept Pick Of The Litter if bred to an equally nice lightly marked harlequin female. Otherwise his Stud fee is $1200.

Please note that the attached photos were taken when Polo was only 13 months old. He is taller and thicker now. At 20 months Standing 35" Tall at the shoulders and weighs 180 lbs. Not quite 2 yet so still filling out.

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