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Yorkie Breeds - Usa

Las Vegas
Nevada 89113
(702) 349-5944
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Yorkshire Terrier breeder in Nevada
Yorkshire Terrier breeder in NevadaYorkshire Terrier breeder in Las VegasYorkie breeder in Las Vegas, NevadaYorkshire Terrier breedering kennel in Las VegasAnother picture

Additional Information

Yorkie Breeds is a family owned and operated nursery located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in Yorkshire and Biewer Yorkshire Terriers. Each of our males and females breeding stock are hand picked from around the world based on coat, personality, show credentials, and health stability. That's our Promise.

We offer a Stud Service for our Male Biewer from Germany, his parents are International Super Cup Champions, and have won over 20 Awards, and 6 Best in Show.

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