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California 94591
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Pomeranian stud in California
Pomeranian stud in CaliforniaPomeranian stud in VallejoPomeranian stud in Vallejo, CaliforniaPomeranian in Vallejo

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Black TEACUP TEDDYBEAR TOY POMERANIAN,absolutely beautiful he will be ready to stud in the next couple of months.LOCAL TOY POMERANIAN STUD 4 lbs full grown with a beautiful coat.He has champion bloodlines.I am ultimately looking for a female that is 5-5-5 1/2 lbs black,black and tan,or possibly a black Parti Pomeranian.My Stud fee is $500 or pick of the litter.
Call me if you would like to work with someone who is local to the BAY AREA,NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, has a beautiful 4 lbs TEACUP TOY TEDDY BEAR POMERANIAN available for stud and is easy to work with.

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