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Welcome to Maple Hill Goldendoodles and thank you for checking us out. Our goal is to breed top quality goldendoodles, and to educate people on the breed. Our doodles are raised in the home with the family and are treated like pets from the start - not like those other breeders that keep their dogs out in a kennel and the first time the puppies see the inside of a house is when you take them home. All of our puppies come with a full two year health guarantee. Because our puppies are raised in the home, they are already started on house training when you get them. We breed only top quality doodles. We do this by being very diligent in our breeding choices. We breed for temperment, health, intelligence, and for non-shedding. Our puppies make great therapy dogs, agility dogs, search and rescue dogs, service dogs and,of course, wonderful family pets. Doty, our dam, is from Canada. She is the first of her bloodline to be in the States. Please go to the dam and sire page for a full background on Doty and Flash, our dame and sire. Most of our Doodles are F1B's . The reason we breed for F1B's is that they are the best doodle for people with allergies and those who just want a non-shedding family member. We only have standard size doodles. To find out more about what a doodle is and all the different types, go to our "what is a goldendoodle" page. Some breeders will want you to believe that you get what you pay for - the more expensive the puppy the better. That's not so with us. It is more important to us that our puppies go to only the best homes possible; not that we get top dollar for our puppies. We have found that some of the best homes can't afford to pay $2500 for a puppy. That's why we price our puppies the way we do. If a doodle is in your future, or if you just have questions, give us a call..
Puppy Price $1000
What will you get...................
* Healthy, Up to date on shots, and Wormed, Doodle Puppy
* Health Certificate
* Bag of Puppy Food
* Puppy Collar
* Toy
* Blanket with Doty's Scent on it
* Baby book of your Puppy

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