Labrador Retriever in Port Saint Lucie, Florida


Port Saint Lucie
Florida 34983
(772) 249-4423
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DOB: 10/15/2012  Age:79 Weeks   Price: 375.00
Affiliations: AKC
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He is a yellow labrador. I got him from a breeder in Tampa, they did say that he was AKC certified, however i did not recieve that paperwork. He is a GREAT dog, but i got in wayyy over my head, i also have another full grown lab, a cat and a three year its a little too hectic for me.
He is partcially potty trained, he IS in the chewing stage, I just bought a crate 40" X 36" that i will sell for $120.00, with him, he has some chew toys and i have a dog bed that goes with him and some treats.
We would prefer him to go to a home with another dog, he has gotten very close to my lab. he very kid friendly, he is still a little curious about cats, so he will chase and try to play with them.
He has had his first shots, and he has a microchip.

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