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Alsea'OorangAiredales - all AKc in Waldport, Oregon

Breeder: Alsea'OorangAiredales - all AKc
Town/City: Waldport
State: OR 97394
Stud Service Available: Yes
Rescue Service Available: Yes
Last Updated: 8/24/2016
Airedale Terrier breeder Waldport 14524
--Summer Puppies 2016!! Dedicated to the breeding of Rare Oorang-Type Working Airedales from famous old lines: Ouachita, Wood-River, Mooreland, Cabin Hill. We are a small woodlands farm who needs protection from predators. Occasionally we have a litter of registered AKc Airedale puppies. We keep puppies in training for farm duties & allow our pups to go on rounds with us to prepare them for fu .... more