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Mayberry Cockers in Mount Airy, North Carolina

Breeder: Mayberry Cockers
Town/City: Mount Airy
State: NC 27030
Stud Service Available: No
Rescue Service Available: No
Last Updated: 10/12/2012
American Cocker Spaniel breeder Mount Airy 10229
Mayberry Cockers consists of 4 relatives; whom all share a great love of Cocker Spaniels. We have all owned cockers for many years and all agree that anything else is just a dog. 3 of us are located in the foothills of NC. in a small town called Mount Airy. It is the hometown of the infamous Andy Griffith and is also known as Mayberry (hence the name Mayberry Cockers). The other one of us is locat .... more