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Mielikki's Hunt Borzoi in Cockeysville, Maryland

Breeder: Mielikki's Hunt Borzoi
Town/City: Cockeysville
State: MD 21030
Stud Service Available: No
Rescue Service Available: No
Last Updated: 4/28/2012
Borzoi breeder Cockeysville 20181
Proud breeder of Specialty Winning, Group placing, top coursing, 2 #1 LGRA (racing) borzoi, and wonderful pets. Whether you want a show dog, a performance dog, or just a pet, our dogs can do it all. Our dogs come with a health guarantee for Bloat, Cancer, thryoid, heart & eyes. All our adult breeding stock has been DNA tested for Degenerative Myleopathy to insure that we never produce a carrie .... more