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Pomeranians for sale in Arizona

Angel Wings Pomeranians in Scottsdale, Arizona

Breeder: Angel Wings Pomeranians
Town/City: Scottsdale
State: AZ 85262
Stud Service Available: Yes
Rescue Service Available: No
Last Updated: 3/26/2012
Pomeranian breeder Scottsdale 20035
We are Angel Wings Pomeranians located in North Scottsdale Arizona. We breed purebred pomeranians with champion bloodlines in colors ranging from white to cream to light beige. Based on the sire and the dam, we estimate our puppies will mature to a healthy weight ranging between 7 and 9 pounds, but weight can vary outside of this range. Please call 480-442-8211 to inquire. .... more

Pomeranian Breeder in Mesa, Arizona

Breeder: Patricia
Town/City: Mesa
State: AZ 85213
Stud Service Available: Yes
Rescue Service Available: No
Last Updated: 1/10/2012
Pomeranian breeder Mesa 19702
I am a hobby breeder of AKC Pomeranians. I breed for quality not quantity with the very best of health and temperament in mind. My Pomeranians mature at 3-6 pounds, with the occasional puppy being smaller. I have raised Pomeranians for several years and have carefully chosen each of my pomeranians to ensure they produce to breed standard and have exceptional bloodlines. My breeding program is co .... more

Precious Poms & Persians in Phoenix, Arizona

Breeder: Precious Poms & Persians
Town/City: Phoenix
State: AZ 85041
Stud Service Available: Yes
Rescue Service Available: Yes
Last Updated: 8/1/2009
Pomeranian breeder Phoenix 9733
Every pet is raised in our home with lots of love and care. I havebeen present for every single birth in our home, even if it means late nights of no sleep or taking them with me every day to work. They are an extention of our family. They are held and loved from the day that they are born. I have 3 loving children who play with them and bring out their personality so they are well socialized. Th .... more