Basset Hound for Stud (USA and Canada)

We found 2 Basset Hound studs in the USA and Canada.

Basset Hound for Stud in Oregon, Ohio

Joshua Paul
OH 43412

Kennel Club: No
Last Updated: 3/5/2016
Basset Hound breeder Oregon 25053
Bruce Wayen is 6 years old. Weighs 45 pounds and in great shape. Height is 14 inches tall. Color is black, brown and white with 4 white paws. Bruce is lovable, gentle, well mattered and a great foot warmer. Bruce is good with my nephews and loves all kids. Bruce Wayen is registered AKC. He would like his girl registered as well. I am asking $250 stud fee at time of service since I do not want a pu .... more

Basset Hound for Stud in Lubbock, Texas

TX 79424

Kennel Club: No
Last Updated: 11/26/2013
Basset Hound breeder Lubbock 17322
I have a beautiful male Basset Hound available for stud services. Mr. Darcy is CKC certified and is 4 years old. Weight: 65 lbs. Ear span: 18" Paw size: 4" across Color: Lemon/White. He is a large Basset with a great disposition, easily potty-trained, very loving. E-mail or call me for more information. Price: $250 .... more