Pekingese Gifts / Merchandise

Pekingese Pen

Pekingese Pen$4.95

Pekingese smooth writing roller pen features paintings by the famous canine artist Ruth Maystead. The painting is wrapped around the golden tip roller ink pen.

Pekingese Complete Pet Owner's Manual

Pekingese Complete Pet Owner's Manual$8.99

All titles in Barron's profusely-illustrated Complete Pet Owner's Manuals introduce inexperienced and prospective pet owners to the pleasures and duties of pet care. Attractively illustrated and filled with helpful information, Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals advise on purchasing, housing, fee

Pekingese Book

Pekingese Book$14.95

Ranked #61 by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Pekingese is marked by his directness, independence, and individuality. With his lion-like image, it's no wonder this bold and dignified breed holds himself in such high esteem. But make no mistake--inside, this proud little dog has a heart of gold.