Finally In Home K9 Protection & Obedience Training By A Proffessional - Los Angeles, California

Ready K9
Finally In Home K9 Protection & Obedience Training By A Proffessional
1544 West Slauson Avenue
Los Angeles
California 90706
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PJ, owner of Ready K9, has developed a unique; one-of-a-kind program that trains specific dogs how to be both compassionate, loving family members as well as precise, effective tools to protect yourself and / or your family and property. PJ is THE ONLY trainer who employs these types of enhanced training techniques that are required so that you will have a well trained pet as well as a trained guard dog. PJ is the only professional dog trainer that uses the dogs as the testament to the training, as Action -- Not Words -- is truly what matters from a personal protector. PJ's street & home training method employs real-life situations that are experienced in the real world. This gives the dogs the best opportunity to react in the most appropriate way to any situation. It is imperative to note that all of Ready K9's dogs will be trained both as protectors AND as obedient companions. "A strict fighting machine doesn't do any good for families, women and/or children." An obedient, stable temperament is required of all dogs trained by Ready K9. By the end of Ready K9's training, all dogs will have developed a supreme level of intensity in all three drives. They are trained to battle and work against many different scenarios, environments, and surface types. Surface types used in training are leather coats, nylon coats, hidden sleeves, body bite suits, sweaters, and hidden body bite suits. The professionally trained protection dogs also work against many different types of weaponry, including various caliber pistols [to acclimate the dogs with the noise they may encounter], knives, bamboo sticks, tree branches, etc. **Call for a FREE evaluation and onsite consultation at 562-391-3306 and ask for PJ**

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