Big Boss Bullies - Florida

Big Boss Bullies
Florida 32352
United Kennel Club
Stud Service
Here at Big Boss Bullies, our goal is to obtain and breed only the finest American Bullies available for the public. We continually strive to improve the breed, and regularly show our dogs to guarantee our results. We stand behind all of our breedings', and offer permanent homes to our puppies should your new pup not be working out. We also try to educate our potential new owners of the characteristics and temperaments of this breed to ensure the puppies and the owners well being. The American Bully makes a wonderful pet, but proper education is crucial in making sure you have the best American Bully possible. By educating each potential owner coupled with proper interviewing, we can help you decide if the American Bully is a pet for you! Big Boss Bullies's pride ourselves in raising loving and friendly American Bullies. All of our puppies are whelped and kept with their mother and each other for a period of 6 weeks to ensure proper social skills. They are then housed separate so they stay clean and are ready for their new homes.

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