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Have you ever wanted a French bulldog but just can’t afford one or have you been afraid of the high vet cost associated with a bulldog? A frenchton is the perfect solution for someone wanting the beautiful bully breed without the high cost and vet bills. They very closely resemble a French bulldog. A frenchton is a hybrid/designer cross of Boston terrier and French bulldog. What you come out with is one great little dog cobby, smart, beautiful and suitable for the whole family. Better health and again an inexpensive alternative to a French bulldog and an even a better companion and friend who wants to please you. The frenchton is one of the best kept secrets out there with adoption fees as low as 600. Most of my families are looking to add their second frenchton and can’t believe they ever lived with one. These are very loyal, sweet loving companions, low to med energy and suitable for apartment living. They will need to be indoors only and require companionship so if you are looking for a best friend or a dog like no other than you have found it in a frenchton. Please visit my site for more information and to see the new arrivals. Go ahead take a look and see if you don’t fall in love with these adorable little bull dogs.

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