Myy Precious Paws - Tennessee

Myy Precious Paws
Tennessee 37774
Canadian Kennel Club

A hobby breeder, puppies are not always available please check often to see what is available. The pups are raised in home and are handled from the moment they are born and are raised around other dogs. There are no grandchildren so the option of raising them around children isn't an option as of right now. They are my babies first and all of the new parents that have obtained babies remain in contact with me on a regular basis and have been able to see how they have grown, where they have gone, their new outfits, and the mischief they have gotten into. I don't see a puppy going to a new home as a sale but as sharing a common bond the love of the same puppy. Not only do I breed yorkies but also Snorkies, Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkshire Terrier mix. The ones that take after the Miniature Schnauzer are solid black. All puppies are on a spay/neuter contract no exceptions.

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