Rallhaus German Shepherds - Texas

Deer Park,
Texas 77536
American Kennel Club
Stud Service

Puppies from titled, imported sire and dam available.......... We provide Imported German Shepherds for personal protection and home security. We also sell started dogs for search and rescue, and Schutzhund. We also offer German Shepherd puppies from the finest European working bloodlines.......... Protection dogs are very social animals and great life companions. Fully trained, personal protection dogs fit well into any home. The have balanced temperament and bond to their families. Just having a trained protection dog in your home can be a great deterrent....... Fully socialized trained personal protection dogs are good around young children and other pets. These personal protection dogs are exposed to many situations starting at an early age; they are comfortable with young children, other pets, or to a farming environment with horses and other livestock......... Schutzhund is a very specialized breed test, only the best dogs have what it takes to earn titles. Only German Shepherds with a balanced temperament, proper drives and athletic ability can excel in this sport. Many of our fully trained dogs come with Schutzhund titles.......... The dogs we offer come from the top producing blood lines in, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, East & West Germany. These German Shepherds are bred for the proper drives, stable temperament, sound structure and overall health....... In Eastern Europe and Germany, kennel clubs will not register a dog for breeding unless it has passed many tests. The dog must be clear of hip and elbow dysplasia, must have proper structure, must not be missing any teeth, and must not have any temperament faults. The decision is not left up to the owner of the dog, but to the kennel club. If the dog does not have a show rating, breed survey, hip and elbow clearance and a working title, full breeding registration papers will not be issued, and the puppies cannot be registered....... In America, many faults and tragic genetic health issues in American German Shepherds are the result of poor breeding. Any dog can be bred to any other dog, no matter the quality, no matter the falts without consequences from the kennel club. It is obvious why the health issues do not occur in the dogs we offer like the do in other dogs that are not forced to show their breed worthiness.........