Adonai - Montana

Cathie Warren
Montana 59911
American Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club
I am concentrating on Poodles that are in Shades of Red **ONLY**. This began in 2003 with the importing of the first Red Standard Poodle Female and Apricots and a smaller Red Standard Male from Joiner's Quality in Finland; Then later the two Red Klein/Moyen Pudel Brothers from Germany. Our specialty is to raise over-size miniatures/ small standards, equal to the German Kleinpudel (also referred to as Moyens or Caniche). I have found them to be ideal family companions smaller that a full size Standard, but large enough to "handle" children. Consistent good drive, willing to please and stable in temperament. Supremely Athletic for Canine Sport! Building on the import line/pedigrees from Europe. Be sure to come by our website and view the many pictures there of our Poodles in Shades of Red.

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