Busia Siberians - Oregon

Busia Siberians
Oregon 97623
American Kennel Club

We started raising Siberian Huskies in 2008. My father before me was a Siberian Husky breeder and was the one that inspired me to adopt my first Siberian Husky, Juniper. I fell in love with the breed and soon adopted my second, Strider. I decided to dedicate my life to this breed. Even though both are pet, they are the ones who started it all. My goal is to produce nothing but the best, most beautiful Siberian Huskies. Recently I have started showing and am looking forward to championing my first dog. I breed for the true ideal traits of a Siberian Husky and for good temperament and outstanding personality. Eye and coat color are not important, but for an all around sound, healthy, perfect dog. My dogs are my family, they are my pack. Not only are they my pack, but they are my life. Showing Siberians isn't easy, people have hurt me and discouraged me. I've made a fool out of myself and I've made mistakes, but I am always learning and I always will be. My Siberians and I will go through life together and I'm sure that we will share many adventures together on my journey to sharing this exceptional breed with the world.

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