Coton Downs - California

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Kathie Chambless
Coton Downs
22928 Crespi Street
Woodland Hills
California 91364
I am a code of ethics ACC (American Coton Club) Breeder. Studs and Dams are all health tested and eyes tested with CERF certificate. You can check out the site for ACC, American Coton Club to see all the guidelines and ethics that must be followed in order to be able to breed these beautiful dogs. A code of ethics breeder is what you want, to guarantee you a real Coton that is healthy and not inbred. The Coton is a rare breed and due to this fact a coton that is bred through a code of ethics breeder has an expected life span of 20 years a minimum of 14 years. They have a history of a longer life than any other breed. They are indeed one healthy breed, not to mention loving, smart and with a mentality more like a large dog than a little lap dog. Non shedding and hypoallergenic. I only have maybe 1 litter a year, my Cotons are my family so the pups are my grandkids that get so much attention and love that they are very well socialized being raised in the company of a very large standard poodle and young children that come to visit. Wags, Kathie,

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