Extreme Bully Dog Kennels - Michigan

Michigan 48066

What Can you expect from EBDK Bully line of Colorado bulldogs? A versatile working breed that combining the,protectiveness , muscular body, size, great strength, tenacity and determination of the American Bulldog with the stamina, agility, speed, and loyalty of the American pit bull,The Colorado Bulldog is a very muscular large Bulldog , with a strong and powerful stature. Colorado Bulldog is a very intelligent dog, so training is easy for the average person, whether it be for protection, working on a ranch or as a family pet. Appearing strong, yet spirited, the balance of size, courageousness and loyalty makes this breed an excellent family pet and protector. The dog should be lively at playtime, yet relaxed and easy going when left alone. Pleasing his or her owner is a Colorado Bulldog top priority. To the onlooker, the Colorado Bulldog may appear quite intimidating because of its size and strength, but, in reality, this powerful Bulldog is great with children and may be the largest lap dog you will ever own. These dogs are sure to protect your yard and guard your fence line, yet, when away from their area they are very lovable and enjoy outside attention. One of the most amazing things about this breed is their ability to adapt to almost any situation. They serve in a wide variety of professional fields as well as making outstanding companions. Their attitude, courage, and never say die approach to life makes them exceptional dogs for such fields as search and rescue, therapy dogs, guide dogs, weight puller or catch dogs *Common Traits and things to expect from the breed are *A wonderful family dog *An easy to train dog that can make a wonderful partner in agility, jogging, or other activities *A excellent guard dog; it is the breed trait to be defensive of car, home, etc. *A dog that is safe with family. severe shyness, and instability are not traits typically found in Colorado bulldog. * Weight range at full maturity is 80 to 105 pounds *Height 19 to 24 inches at the wither. *Head size will be anywhere from 21 to 25 inches *Very muscular Body. *Potty trained, Potty training for these pups started at 3.5 weeks of age, *Dewormed at 2,4 weeks, but will also be giving a dewormer at 6 and 8 weeks of age. All pup come with their 1st set of shots and Ckc reg paper.. Sire and dam on site, Deposit are $150 to hold your pick ,puppies are priced at $350 to $450 for more info I can be reach at 586 443 9254