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Victor Planetta
Puppies in Louisiana
Louisiana 70422
American Kennel Club

I have been raising Golden Retrievers most of my life. I am currently getting my degree in Vetnary technology. All of my dogs are my pets. The love I give my dogs and puppies stays with them their entire life and make a very well rounded personality. Our facility is state of the art and the dogs live better than I do, the ones that aren't in the house with me that is.The Golden Retriever originated in the Scottish Highlands in the late 1800's and was used predominantly for hunting. The breed was developed by Lord Tweedmouth, whose goal was to create a superb retriever suited to the Scottish climate, terrain and available game. He crossed his original "Yellow Retriever" with the Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct) found on his estate. Later integrations of Irish Setter, Bloodhound, and more Tweed Water Spaniel produced the retriever we know today. This active and energetic Sporting breed can adapt to many different living situations but requires daily exercise. His water-repellant double-coat sheds seasonally and needs regular brushing. With his friendly temperament and striking golden color, this breed is both beautiful to look at and a joy to own.

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