Frankface Bordeaux - Ontario

Sheryl Brooks
Frankface Bordeaux
Ontario L4A 4K3
American Kennel Club
Health Guarantee

The Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the oldest French breeds. We have lived with and loved these dogs for almost two decades. They are raised in our home and share our farm, our beds, our children’s beds, our couches. They have an innate ability to simply "get” us and our busy lives, and they follow us wherever we go. There will never be another breed for us.

“The Dogue de Bordeaux loves to be stroked. … He will scramble on your lap,
on your shoulders. He will stand up when his master or mistress gets up. He waits at the door
of the bathroom. He will look fondly in your eyes. He sits on your foot and can stay there
for hours. He lies forgotten under the table. In short, he loves you.”
—Raymond Triquet, father of the Dogue de Bordeaux, in The Saga of the Dogue de Bordeaux

We health test our dogues so we can make the best possible breeding decisions. Our verified health clearances can be viewed on the OFA website through our website. We are members of the Canine Federation of Canada, The Canadian Kennel Club and The Dogue de Bordeaux Club of America.

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