Aperfectshihtzu - Alabama

Alabama 36604
American Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club

We are a Shih-Tzu owner of 4 Shih-Tzus. Our parents and puppies arke kept inside and not kenneled. We may have puppies once a year. Quality not quantity. New puppies - liver girls and boys. AKC 15 Champion Puppies. We do not breed for downsizing to 5 pounds.We Hhave produced that small and are luck that he is healthy. I have Chocolates 5 girls and 2 boys all champion gran-sired puppies from 10 pound dad and 8 pound girl. All my Shih-Tzus delivered by accreditted vet from Auburn University. Because one is a breeder does not make one a doctor of this breed. We stay with vaets who are licensed and respected with fresh knowledge of a breed that I cherish and hold dear to me. Our vet x-rays and watches our girls through their whelping. No chances here.. only perfect Shih-Tzus. 7-9 pounds expected at maturity .