Neapolitan Mastiff Stud - Canal Fulton, Ohio

karla & Sam
moretti mastino's
Canal Fulton
Ohio 44614

American Kennel Club

We are one of the most successful Neapolitan Mastiff and cane corso kennels in the United States, proven in our longevity with an HONEST 10 years in the breed. Many new kennels claim even longer, but there are actually very few Neo & cane corso breeders that have even 5 years in this breed. Recently, there has been an increase in "bad apples" in these breed's as the breed's gain popularity and there are more people breeding. We produce and actively show our Neo's and our Cane corso's. We do not CLAIM to show, we actually do show, therefore we know what show quality pups look like and are working with many generations of Mastino's that WE have been showing and breeding. Why buy a show dog from someone who has never shown a Neo or Cane corso ? We do not falsely represent our dogs, All of our dogs are advertised with their full registered name, hence telling you who bred the dog, and giving that kennel the credit they deserve. We do not lie about the sizes & weights of our dogs. Neapolitans are not meant to be small or 250 lbs. The average Neapolitan Mastiff male is 120-170 lbs. The average female is 110-140 lbs. Numbers greater than that are VERY rare & will be obvious in a dog with EXTREME type, mass, wrinkle & bone. We offer a 12 month to 36 month hip & heart guarantee. Many breeders offer a 1 year guarantee if any at all. A one year guarantee is usually inadequate since often Neos' major health issues are not evident or able to be diagnosed until after the first year of their growth. The average life span of a Neapolitan Mastino is 6-8 years, giant breeds are not long-lived. Do the research, ask the right questions, if a breeder is being honest and has nothing to hide they will have NO issue with these questions...How long have you been breeding Neapolitan Mastino's, what year did you produce your first litter of Neos & can you prove it with paperwork? How many litters have you produced? How many champions have you produced, and again can you provide proof of this? Have you ever shown any of your Neapolitan Mastino's or cane corso's ? How many of your dogs have you had to replace? If a breeder tells you they have been breeding for 20 years, the sire and dam are 180 lbs each, they have never had to replace a dog and the average life of a Neo is 10 years, these are red flags, Cane corso's as well so Buyers Beware, in these breed's you get what you pay for. $3500 stud from one of our champion males will put you in the game blood lines range from Cinciripini's ,wild child and Moretti mastino's

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