Poodle Toy Stud - Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles
California 90057 9005

Champion Line
Vet Checked

Let’s set up a dog park play date!

We’re interested in meeting someone with a small female dog they are thinking of breeding.

Our handsome little man is truly the perfect pet; he is extremely intelligent, very sweet and loving, well mannered, and has excellent health; and his dark chocolate tight curls and light hazel eyes make him quite the stud! He is just under 5lbs fully grown and his champion lineage is obvious when you see him walking it's with supreme confidence despite his diminutive stature. He is famous (D-list celebrity status) for his unusual white-tipped ears. His mother was a silver and white party poodle and by the coolest random chance, he inherited her white markings... but only on the tips of his ears! :)

Ziki is a proven stud!

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