German Shepherd purebred champion line puppies and AKC registration - Plymouth, New Hampshire

Shepherds From Heaven
New Hampshire 03264

American Kennel Club
Health Checked
Health Guarantee
Champion Line
Date of Birth:Jan 26 2019

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CUTEST Puppies for sale :D
Hello, my current Puppy name is: Mr. Green.
I am a purebred German Shepherd and my lineage is of Champion lines. However, I am just a puppy, and I am being prepared to just be a GREAT family dog, to an equally GREAT family.

Because grandma has been so busy, she has not been able to get the time to tell the world about us (me and my brothers and sisters) so, as puppies go, we grow fast! And here we are, already approx. 20 weeks old.

Grandma says that is really to my new family’s advantage because she is dealing with the most CRAZY puppy weeks and we are now becoming trainable. I am not sure what she means by all of that, but I think it has something to do with me and my brothers and sisters having a LOTS and LOTS of energy as we are growing into our new bodies.

While my brothers and sisters are super and everything, and I love playing with them, I am ready to play and grow into adulthood with the family I am meant to be a part of. Grandma and grandpa say that we were brought into this world to be someone’s friend, companion and comforter, to show and give them love, especially on the days they need it most. Sometimes a big sloppy Dog Kiss is all a person needs to start or restart their day, and that sure works for us because we LOVE to give kisses. ??

More about ME: So, now that I am a little older I can tell you a little more about things I am liking more and not liking so much. It turns out I LOVE playing in the Puppy Pool. It sure is refreshing on hot summer days. Although, unlike several of my brothers and sisters, I am not a big fan of drinking out of the garden hose and I do not like being sprayed with it. I like the pool because I can go in and out as I please.

I have a LOT of energy and love to play. I love being petted. Grandma and grandpa have been teaching us how to control our energy, and I am doing really good. I understand sit, get down, good baby, as you can see in the pictures, I am learning how to walk on a leash, and am learning more and more everyday, especially when given treats. If you have treats, I am ready and willing to learn. :D

Our mommy Nala has been an AWESOME mommy to me and my brothers and sisters, and our Dad Siri, (Grandma and Grandpa call him their Gentle giant) is also great. And Grandma and Grandpa take really good care of us, they feed us good healthy food, make sure we have lots of fun, safe toys and a big area to play in. We have 2 play areas. One inside and one outside.

We LOVE going outside and playing. We even have 2 big doghouses that we run in and out of all day, it is sooooo fun, there is even video!! We also LOVE music, especially at night, I think it helps us sleep. ?? We are not afraid of loud noises or sounds. It is like a ZOO over here. We always hear crazy and even loud noises, so it doesn’t bother us at all. Ambulances, again, NOT a problem. We are not too far from a state college so we here sirens pretty often (grandma calls them crazy college kids).

So, if you would like to see if I am the puppy you have been waiting for, and you are the family I am waiting for, just give my grandma a call or send her an email. BTW..I have been told on numerous occasions that I am totally ADDORABLE!! ??

P.S. I recently received news that our Dad Siri also has another 7 puppies from his second wife (Grandma says that is legal for dogs). They are 10 weeks old. We are very excited because we are due to meet them in the next week or two. (Grandma says we just have to wait until they grow a little more because we are a little too big and “playful” for them right now. She says something about us not having much common sense and knowing our strength and stuff right now.

So, here is what my grandma and grandpa send with me to my NEW home:
1. A toy of my very own and of my choosing from Grandmas toy box full of new toys. Right now I share toys with all of my brothers and sisters. But I get my very OWN when I go home with YOU. I am so excited. :D
2. AKC papers and limited registration. Unless of course you plan to breed me, then full registration is also available, but you will have to talk to grandma about all of that.
3. A video of our BIRTHS. You will get to see us being BORN from start to finish. Grandma was the delivery nurse so you will see a lot of her too (she does not like that part so much tough). I do not know which one is me, but I am one of them, I promise. :D You will also get clips of us all throughout our lives here at grandma and grandpas house.
These should be completed for everyone by the end of summer(end of August). I guess she has a lot of footage and editing or something, and she is still filming until we ALL go to our new homes, and that is 14 of us total, so that is a LOT of work.
4. A small photo album of ME of course. She is still adding to it as we speak.
5. A bag of all-natural healthy doggie treats grandma made, and they have my mommy and daddy’s names on them. Isn’t that really cool. :D
6. You will receive a discount card for grandma’s pet store that is good for the rest of MY life, and she has a LOT of stuff for all sorts of animals. This will include grandmas new all natural and healthy pet treat lines that should start coming out no later than the end of the year.
It will be all natural and or organic foods and treats. I cannot wait.
She promises to send each one of us a package no matter WHERE we are in the country when they do come out. I am sure they will be soooooo YUMMY!!
7. I have been to the vet, had all of the shots I need so far. I have my health certificate.
8. I am microchipped so we will always be able to find each other in case I forget my address.
9. Health guarantee. I have a health guarantee against genetic illnesses that should have been known or detected before I went home with you.
As well as against hip dysplasia for 2 years. Please talk to grandma about the details of the health guarantee. It is all in writing.

I have included a few pictures of myself and one of my dad.

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