Goldendoodles FALL 2020 Take home - hilton, New York

Stacy Lynn
Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles, LLC
New York 14468

Continental Kennel Club
Health Checked
Health Guarantee
Champion Line
Date of Birth:May 4 2020

Be Aware of Scams and report them using the "report scam button above! Typical signs of a scam:

1) Puppies or dogs are not located where they are listed.
2) You are asked to wire money or send a money order.
3) Anything to do with Africa especially Nigeria and Cameroon.
4) Anything that seems to be too good to be true!

F1 means First Generation which is a direct cross between the Golden Retriever and Poodle. In our case for most of these pairings we use a Moyen Poodle giving us a medium sized puppy. Our F1 Mediums are typically 22-33" at the withers; our medium F1's are typically between 45 and 65 lbs full grown.

Stella & Jack or Mance; Stella is from Etta & Bolt's 2016 Litter, we bred her to Jack our original moyen poodle, or Mance his offspring from our 2015 Poodle litter. Her pups in the past have been wavy coats with colors ranging from cream to apricot, low shed, medium sized, between 45-55 lbs when full grown. Stella is a fun and exciting golden, she loves new experiences, she has some very beautiful sweet and loving puppies, she is extremely obedient and loves everyone.

Caramel & Jack or Mance; Carmy is a cream colored Golden, we are breeding her to Jack or Mance, our Moyen poodles. They will produce pups of smaller size more like 45 lbs when full grown, low shed and some apricot coat colors. Caramel is a sweet, mild mannered golden who loves everyone.

Etta & Jack or Mance; Etta has produced gorgeous darker apricot and cream coats in the past, very low shed and 45-55 lbs range when full grown. Etta is a sweet and Cuddly golden who loves attention, loves people and children like any golden should!

Laverne & Jack or Mance; Laverne paired with Jack or Mance produce offspring that will be around 45-55 lbs full grown, gold colored coats with medium curls. She is a slim dark Gold golden girl.

Shirley & Jack or Mance; Shirley and Jack or Mance produce offspring that will be around 45-55 lbs full grown, gold colored coats with medium curls. Shirley is a dark Gold Golden girl with tons of beautiful curls

Goldie & Jack or Mance; Goldie is from Etta & Bolt's 2016 Litter. They will produce pups of smaller size, 45-55 lbs full grown, wavy silky low shed coats with some apricot coat colors.

Bailey's & Jack or Mance???; Bailey's is our Female English Cream Golden with direct ancestors in Serbia, Spain, France, India. Bailey's produces offspring of white and cream color and absolutely stunning English golden looks!

Future Gals: LeeLee and Sandy from Shirley & Turbo's 2019 litter

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