Dixie Land Labs - Virginia

Virginia 24347
American Kennel Club

Dixie Land Labs is located in the heart of the New River Valley in Allisonia, Virginia. Our moms are working pets, AKC registered and OFA certified (or in the process of becoming OFA certified). Our dogs and their offspring are raised in a loving home environment that can be offered by smaller breeders. Each mom is brought into our home a week before her due date and remains in the house with the pups until they’re 4 weeks old. By this time, the mom needs time away from the pups and is allowed to be away from them for most of the day. Each morning and evening she’ll stay with the pups long enough to nurse and nurture. After the pups reach 6-7 weeks of age, she wants to “check” on them but spends less time with them in order to complete the weaning process. We would love for you to visit us, but if circumstances do not permit, puppies may be selected via e-mailed pictures. Selection order is based on the order in which deposits are received, and the selection process begins at 5-6 weeks of age. Puppies are available to go to new homes at 7 weeks of age (we’ll hold longer if needed). Recently, we made the decision to discontinue shipping puppies via air. Instead, we may be available to deliver your puppy by car ($25/hour up to 10-hour round trip). We take pride in giving our pups individual socialization time, as we have only 4-5 litters per year. The more socialized your puppy is before leaving, the better pet you’ll receive.