Miniature Australian Shepherd Breed Reviews

Dianne Martin

They are loyal and always need your attention and love best dog I've ever had looking for a male around 4 or 5 years old. Please help me to find my forever friends I'm home all day and night I know any animal doesn't like to be left alone.??????

Bob Steffel

I have had Shiba Inus and love the breed, but, when my 15 year old sidekick Benika had to be put down I was devastated. Heartbroken, I was looking at puppies to cheer myself up. That's when I saw the mini Aussie. I always thought that they were beautiful, but too big for my home. My wife, knowing how sad I was, decided to get our mini Aussie named Aubry. She is beautiful, energetic and smart. When I come home, she literally jumps into your arms and promptly bites your nose. She is totally different from the Shiba Inus that enjoy your company but also like to be left alone. The Aussie wants to be with you all the time. She has a great temperament and gets along with all the other dogs in our house (5). I definitely recommend this breed . Just remember, the Aussie is not a lap dog. They are a busy breed ,that love to be around people. Fortunately for me, the perfect dog to be my next sidekick.


Jimmy Johnson


1 year old very well behaved


Looking for a puppy or older dog to give a good home to. I have a huge yard for them to run around in.

Korey Kennedy

Looking 4 mini Aussie 2 love