Brandy Keg Kennels & Canine Services - Frankfort, New York

Theresa Zammiello
Brandy Keg Kennels & Canine Services
749 Ball Road
New York 13340
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Brandy Keg Kennels offers pet boarding for your dog, as well as Doggie Day Care Services at our Frankfort, NY facility. We also offer at home services such as dog-walking, and Flea & Tick Barrier Control, installation of Doggie Toilets/Septic Systems, and Pet Waste Removal for your lawn (Spring Clean-up and Ongoing Weekly/Biweekly Services Offered). Additional services offered include Doggie Birthday/ Special Occasion cakes, Dog Walks, Vitamin Supplements, Homemade Dog Treats, Pet Training Consultation and Services, as well as shuttle service to the local Dog Groomer. We have 16 indoor heated/air-conditioned kennels with an attached outdoor run for each dog. All food, treats, and regular playtimes are included in our very reasonable prices ($12 per day per dog, with discounts for multiple dogs), with nature walks and other extras available as well. All pets are provided with fresh bedding to make their stay comfortable, but you are welcome to bring any favorite blankets or toys if you like. We pride ourselves on running our kennel more like a Doggie Spa than just a boarding facility, and your pets will be treated like family, just as our own dogs are. The kennel includes a fully-furnished living room, complete with carpet, couches for lounging, and satellite tv 24 hours per day. The dogs have the living room at their disposal during their daily individual play rounds, and the tv is viewable from most of the enclosures as well. All pets are even provided with a home-cooked meal (with Vet-approved human-quality ingredients, and no artificial additives or preservatives) for every holiday (with their owner's approval of course- we understand that some pets have special dietary requirements). All of this is included in our standard kennel fee.

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