Pooch Ped - Waukesha, Wisconsin

Carol Sumbry
Pooch Ped
Wisconsin 53186
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Affordable, effective and fun training for people and their pets! Specializing in shy dogs and shelter/rescue dogs! Affordable Private Lessons, Group Puppy Classes, Adult Classes and Small Dog Classes available! I have been teaching obedience classes for over 10 years. I have lived with canine companions for almost 40 years. Serving as the WI representative for the Italian Greyhound Club of America, a national organization dedicated to rescuing dogs in need, I have fostered, trained, rehabbed and rehomed HUNDREDS of dogs in the last 2 decades. I also foster and train dogs for a local shelter and several other rescue groups including Greyhounds Only, Whippet Rescue, Papillion Rescue and Min Pin Rescue. Each foster experience has given me unique hands on experiences with understanding our canine companions. Although over the years, I have enjoyed therapy work, agility and lure coursing with my canine companions, my main goal is to have a strong bond and a mutually enjoyable relationship with our canine friends through training. I enjoy helping other animal lovers learn how to have a well-behaved companion that they can truly enjoy living with! Working in rescue for almost 20 years and in the shelter environment, I have seen so many dogs lose their homes through no fault of their own. These dogs were "very good at being dogs". They jump, dig, bark and do all the things that make them a dog! We expect them to live in OUR world so it is our responsibility to train them to do so. I am dedicated to that mission. I offer affordable options for fun, common sense, relationship based training in an effort to keep dogs in their homes for life and keeps owners happy!! Far too many dogs are surrendered to our shelters or abandoned and I would like to be part of the solution to help dogs and their owners to have a LIFELONG, mutually rewarding relationship.

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