Sanzone School Of Dog Training - Chicago, Illinois

Toriano Sanzone
Sanzone School Of Dog Training
813 West Cermak
Illinois 60623
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Your wolf joins my pack in my den for 14 days of intense training commands with their newly skilled dog. At the end of the two weeks, the dog will have accomplished basic and advanced obedience tasks, and be able to pass an outside certification test for obedience. Toriano’s expertise as a master dog trainer covers all breeds from Yorkies to Mastiffs, and all skills - from basic commands to competitive off leash obedience. Doggie Bootcamp Key Points 14 days of intense training 4 private lessons with the family 1 Month of group classes 4 different levels of training available Great for families or individuals with busy schedules Reasons to enroll your dog in training: Your busy schedule does not allow you to provide the training your dog critical needs and demands. Your dog or puppy is at the point where you need complete professional help due to advanced behavioral problems. Training will not end until the dog or puppy has mastered all of the commands Toriano Sanzone is one of the most trusted in the industry – if you like our training you will love our customer service. The most innovative training in the industry. Life time service. If you need additional training ever just make an appointment with Toriano Sanzone No dog refused – Doesn’t matter what breed, age, or temperament. Euthanasia is not an option here – all dogs and clients will receive the respect, patience, and guidance they need. Realistic expectations – we are honest with what we can accomplish. We do not perform brain surgery on your dog, but we will do the best with what God has given him…which is a lot. A Healthy dog can live well over 20 years – expert training and guidance is the key factor that will determine the quality of those years.

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