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Real Breeder Program
All Across Usa
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Micro Chipping
Pet Taxi
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Anonymous53353 (5/28/2013)

Life Abundance products
Rating: 5 stars
I am a small breeder and i breed yorkies,,this year i have had my share of super small puppies and they turn out to be very fussy eaters... anyway i have right now a 10 week old male yorkie that took weaning very hard and weights only 0.5 lbs as of today and refused to eat or drink on his own,,i have been tube feeding him and back and forth to vets for the last 3 1/2 weeks actually discussed with my vet as it might be time to put him down i actually was going to call the vet yesterday and make a appt to have him humanly laid to rest... i joined Life's Abundance last week and just got my package of products the day before yesterday.. on the off chance i opened a can of the food in my box and gave him a hald teaspoon chopped really fine .. to my surprise he ate it.. not much at once ..but he was finally eating on his own ..he is continuing to eat this food. i am truely a believer in this product know that i have decided to continue on with it By: Doris Morlock

TeacupTreasures (5/28/2013)

Lifes Abundance Breeder Program
Rating: 5 stars
Life's Abundance has a great breeder program!! No coupons or stuff just actual money $$$$ sent to you when you refer and people buy their products. Great natural products that are healthy for your pets!!! Check out their products at or my breeder page Never been recalled, made in USA, all natural human grade ingredients!! Wonderful company to work with and be a part of so come join our team. I feed it exclusively to my dogs & cats who look and feel great. It is working as I just got home from our Nationals where my 5 month puppy took Best Of Breed Puppy in both the pre-show & post-show, Best of Breed Puppy Sweeps(ages 2 months to 18 months) and was MASCA Nationals Best of Breed Puppy! His mom was on it through breeding, pregnancy, whelping and raising the litter and he was on it from 4 weeks giving him a great start, beautiful coat, energy and vitality to strut his stuff for the judges and present the winning picture we are all looking for. I was able to go back to MASCA & NAMASCUSA results from 2005 to present and he is the first puppy to win every Best of Breed Puppy in the shows during both nationals. I am a believer and you will be too if you just give it a try!

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