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TRAIN THE ANDUS K9 WAY! Our Private Initial Evaluation (1 hr) Andus K9 offers both on-site and off-site evaluations, in which we identify initial behavioral, temperament, and obedience concerns, identify current behavioral, temperament, and obedience strengths, and with a thorough review of your dog’s history, we collaborate with you to establish clear and attainable training goals and expectations. We will design a comprehensive training program that works for you, by integrating training strategies that best suit the unique challenges facing you and your dog, including those to minimize the cost for those owners on a limited budget. Andus K9 wants to exceed your expectations by giving you and your dog the best training package available, for the most reasonable price. ANDUS K9 PLAY & TRAIN This is NOT your typical Doggie Daycare! Available Monday – Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm ANDUS K9 PLAY & TRAIN means more than just daycare for your dog! During your dog’s day with us, he/she will be walked properly on leash, taught proper house manners, engage in one to one and pack based interaction, aimed at improving and maintaining the self confidence and socialization skills of your dog. Basic training skills will also be integrated into your dogs day, with minor behavioral issues such as jumping, barking, whining, and nipping being addressed. ANDUS K9 PLAY & TRAIN is designed to meet your dog’s physical and mental needs, which is the cornerstone of a calm, confident, and well balanced dog. We recommend your dog PLAY & TRAIN with us a minimum of 2 days a week, to reach his/her full potential. ANDUS K9 STAY & TRAIN OPTIONS Want to experience the rewards of an ANDUS K9 trained dog without having to do all of the hard work? With ANDUS K9 STAY & TRAIN boarding and training options, YOU CAN! BACK TO BASICS (4 day all inclusive training w/1hr Private) With ANDUS K9 BACK TO BASICS boarding and training package, you can! Your dog with learn the foundations of basic on and off leash obedience manners and commands, crate training, treadmill training, and correction of minor behavioral problems such as jumping, inappropriate barking, digging, will also be addressed. You’ll receive a 1 hour hands on lesson at the end of this program, to help give you the full understanding and knowledge of what your dog has learned, and to transfer the training skills from Andus K9 to you. MASTER THE BASICS (7 day all inclusive training w/2 1hr Private, 1 day Play & Train) Do you want more than just the basics for your dog? Our MASTERING THE BASICS PROGRAM, offers a step above our basic training package, with 3 ADDITIONAL DAYS to work on behavioral issues that need to addressed. Your dog will learn socialization skills by interacting with our well balanced ANDUS K9 Pack and Trainers, and more time is given to work on mild behavioral issues such as jumping, nipping, counter surfing, and lunging. Crate training and treadmill training are also available. Two Private follow up training lessons with Jon are included, as Andus K9 is committed to doing what is best for YOU and for your DOG. LIVING THE ANDUS K9 LIFESTYLE Live the ANDUS K9 Training Lifestyle, with training packages designed to provide the very best ANDUS K9 has to offer. What does living the ANDUS K9 LIFESTYLE mean? It means a dog with a well balanced state of mind, not just a dog who knows how to follow commands. It means a dog with self confidence, a dog who can adapt well to different environments, a dog who lives up to his full potential and an owner who understands how to be the advocate he/she needs for their dog to be all that they can be. ANDUS K9 LIFESTYLE PREMIUM (2-3 wk all inclusive training w/3 1hr Private In-home Lessons) What better way to give the training gift of a lifetime, than through our ANDUS K9 Lifestyle Premium Program! Your dog goes beyond learning the basic training commands, and learns what it means to be an off leash well balanced and reliable dog. Your dog will master the basic commands, including properly walking on a standard leash, transition to remote collar training, before finally moving on to successfully becoming an off leash dog. Your dog will be trained “off leash” and in “real world” situations, with “real world distractions,” to give you the peace of mind that comes with owning a well trained, well tempered, and confident dog. This program includes three 1hr follow up Private Sessions in your home, aimed at teaching YOU the owner, how to integrate what your dog has learned during his training with us, and ensure a lifetime of training success. You will also receive our highly recommended Remote Collar (valued at over $250.00) and an informational packet filled with helpful tips on making the transition back home, a smooth one for both you and your dog. ANDUS K9 LIFESTYLE SIGNATURE (2-3 wk all inclusive training w/UNLIMITED sessions for LIFE) Give your dog everything that living the ANDUS K9 Lifestyle has to offer, with our SIGNATURE Lifetime training package. Our SIGNATURE Package goes beyond our Premium Package with UNLIMITED private and group sessions, UNLIMITED command, utility, agility training, as well as tracking and personal protection, all based upon what YOU the owner are looking for. We believe in what we do, we love what we do, we work hard at what we do, and we want to share the ANDUS K9 Lifestyle, with YOU! ANDUS K9 TRAINING OPTIONS! Here are a few of the other training program packages we at Andus K9 are proud to offer. PAW-T Training Program (10 day all inclusive program for Potty Training your dog) Want to experience the rewards of a PAW-T trained dog without having to do all of the hard work? With ANDUS K9 PAW-T YOU CAN! In addition to PAW-T training your dog, we will establish a strict feeding schedule and daily routine for exercise. This program also teaches your dog to remain calm and quiet inside a crate. In this program your dog will also learn to socialize and properly play with other dogs and humans. We also set the foundation for basic obedience. REMOTE TRAINING SYSTEM (3 days PLAY & TRAIN w/ Unlimited Private lessons at facility) The owner hands a more hands on experience in teaching a dog the skills needed to become confident and well balanced off leash. We give the tools guidance and knowledge needed for YOU to train your dog. You will receive the collar we use to train our dogs (valued at $250) and unlimited private One-on-One lessons at our facility to help you learn how to be an advocate for your well balanced and confident off leash dog. PRIVATE TRAINING PACKAGES (3, 6, or 9 training sessions with Jon) With these packages you will receive personal one-on-one training with Jon, in which YOU the owner explain to Jon the behavioral issues you are facing with you dog, and Jon creates a training program designed specifically for you. GROUP CLASSES -Basic Obedience - 6 week group class $120.00 -Advanced Obedience - 6 week group class $600.00 (includes remote training collar) -Agility Group Class $20.00 per session Prerequisite: Basic Obedience -Public Access Group Class - 6 week group class $240.00 Upon successful completion your dog will receive a Public Access Certification and be properly trained in real life public situations and locations. Prerequisite: Basic Obedience -Personal Protection Group Class $20.00 per session Prerequisite: Basic Obedience -Group Socials $10.00 donation suggested but not required. ANDUS K9 is committed to providing the highest quality of training for you and your dog. We offer a variety of other training options to meet the needs of every owner and their dog! Call Andus K9 for more details at 307-444-4491 Training is available in these areas: Wyoming, Evanston, Kemmerer, Cokeville, Diamondville, La Barge, Rock Springs, Green River & Surrounding areas. Salt Lake City, Utah County, Davis County, Provo, Orem, Draper, Park City, Salt Lake City, Sandy, Murray, Bountiful, Kaysville, Layton, Roy, Ogden, Coalville, Henefer, Wahsatch, Woodruff, Randolph, Lake Town & every town in between..

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