A Clever Canine - Stuart, Florida

Anne Pantall
A Clever Canine
Florida 34996
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We’ll teach you to teach your dog - or we’ll do the training for you. Our training is dog friendly, reward based and totally force free! We do not use shock, choke or pinch collars. We never use verbal or physical reprimands. We never use any fear or force based methods such as alpha rolls, scruff shakes, intimidation, leash corrections, and we will never yell at or throw things at your dog. Modern behavioral science has proven that using punishment, or any aversive techniques, not only weakens the bond of trust between you and your dog, but also provides him with very little usable information. Punishing your dog tells him the choice he made was wrong, but gives him no direction as to what he should be doing instead. You'll be amazed to see just how easy and fun it is to teach new behaviors that will replace those unwanted behaviors using only force-free methods and not by demanding it through intimidation, force, or physical abuse.

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