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Vladae Vladislav Roytapel
Russian Dog Trainer
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California 92660
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Russian Dog trainer If you live in Orange County, having your dog trained by many trained in Orange County with no success. ..Give me a call. Some of the dogs Orange County Animal Control has labeled potentially dangerous and in need of dog training (or face euthanized) merely got out of the yard or ran across the street in the neighborhoodno matter your dog is dog aggressive, people aggressive, food aggressive, excessive barking, fearful, separation anxiety, jumps over the fence, bolts out the front door, or just needs basic dog training, socialization, and doggy manners. I am also specialising in off leash dog trainingin Orange County California. So ..if you are resediont of Orhage County or just visiting our beautiful Orange County I am here to help

Anonymous55905 (7/5/2014)

Best Dog Training in Orange County California
Rating: 5 stars
We hired Vladae after failed attempts of working with other dog trainers for our 2 year old french bulldog. Once I found out I was pregnant I knew we needed to step it up and get our dog under control, and thankfully we found Vladae! Our main problems with our dog was not listening to us, extreme fixation with toy balls (she would turn into a freak when one would appear-it was not good) jumping on people, barking when someone was at the door and leash aggression towards dogs. Vladae is a "no BS" kind of guy. He is very direct and will give you all the tools you need to create a perfectly behaved dog. I did the 4 sessions (2 at home, 1 at fashion island and 1 at the dog park) At the end of the day YOU need to use Vladae's tools and direction and put in work/training and build that respect from your dog. After these 4 sessions and a lot of at home work and training with my dog she is AMAZING! My husband and I are still blown away that this is OUR dog. I will put a side note, the first session was really hard on us because we are use to babying our dog and this was the first time she had ever really been put in her place and made it known that we were the boss. So don't feel discouraged after the first session, trust me it's worth it!! Even though she was pretty sad and its hard to break bad habits, it only lasted a week or so. Now I have a happy, amazing dog that I can take anywhere with me and feel confident that she will be well behaved and awesome where ever we are.

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